photo by Emily Chaya Baumbach

I’ve been in love with photography since my teens.
I first explored that passion by taking candid photos of
people on the crowded streets of New York; then after
college I worked in advertising and fashion photography,
interning with some of the top commercial photographers
of the day. Eventually I opened my own studio.

Like many people who turn their hobbies into a living,
at one point I lost the passion for photography, leaving
it to pursue other things. After hardly picking up a
camera for 30 years, I started desiring to take photographs
again. This time I was far from New York City. I was living
in northern California and eventually Colorado I wasn’t
doing street shooting, but photographing landscapes and
nature. Eventually I developed my current style. I’m still
inspired by nature, but I look to do something more abstract
and intimate; something that can be appreciated as more
than a document of natural beauty.